Hydra Dew Pure™ Moisturizing Lift Facial

Hydra Dew Pure Moisture Lift Facial

Hydra Dew Pure™ Moisturizing Lift Facial

The Ultimate Solution For Dry, Flaky Skin!

Repechage Hydra Dew Pure Moisturizing Lift Facial is the perfect way to nourish and restore dry, sensitized skin. This professional treatment comes in convenient, uni-dose packaging to provide a safe and relaxing experience. The formula is packed with natural ingredients like Mastic Water from the Aegean Island of Chios and Camellia Japonica Seed Oil to leave your skin looking luminous, toned, and feeling renewed.

  • Treats Irritation or rashes due to dryness.
  • Leaves the skin hydrated, fresh and glowing.
  • Moisturize, restore and strengthen dry, compromised skin.
  • For damaged skin affected by pollution, UV light, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels and other clinically aggressive treatments. 
  • Formulated for even the most sensitive skin types with no adverse reaction.
  • Increase skin smoothness and moisture while reducing wrinkles.


Kit Contains:

— 5 Treatments/ Kit

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